Theme Parties

Hollywood Theme Party


The money! The fame! The glitz! The glamour! It’s Hollywood, baby! This is your opportunity to dress up as Hollywood royalty, whether it be an iconic, elegant celebrity from the old, glamorous Hollywood of the 40’s, 50’s, or a famous, overexposed celebrity from the Hollywood of today! Strike a pose for the paparazzi on CMTC’s red carpet before making your entrance into the celebrity event of the year! Prizes will be awarded to the best star and starlet as well as the biggest diva and divo! Welcome to CMTC’s Tinseltown!

80’s Fashion Crimes Theme Party


Attention dudes and dudettes! We’re headed “Back to the Future” for this totally rad 80’s fashion crimes Party! Let’s go back to the days of metal bands and big hair! Find some blue eyeshadow, muscle shirts, and acid-wash denim to celebrate the best decade yet! Prizes will be awarded for the worst-dressed 80’s fashion crime victims during our “moonwalk-off” on the CMTC stage! So ladies, tease that hair up as high as it can go and guys, throw on those neon shades. It’s time to fire up the Delorean and get ready to party like it’s 1985!

All contests will be judged by a panel of national and international agents in attendance.