Model & Talent

28 Years

June 3rd - 7th, 2020




CMTC produces a four-day convention in Toronto which consists of modelling, acting, singing, and dancing competitions, educational workshops and seminars, an awards ceremony, and callback/interview opportunities with modelling and talent agents, scouts, managers, casting directors, and record labels. The industry reps that attend CMTC judge competitions and conduct seminars while also searching for new models and talent to work in the modelling and entertainment industries.



Accurate information is the key to success in this industry. All agents, staff, and guest speaker specialists will be on hand to educate and inspire you during Q&A panels, seminars, and workshops. It’s the most sensible, responsible, and productive way to approach this business.  With over 10 seminars, workshops and panels hosted by national and international industry experts, CMTC will provide you with knowledge to build a strong foundation to break into the industry.


Why do new models and talent have such a hard time breaking into the industry? Clients and casting directors want to book models and talent that have experience! CMTC allows new face models and talent to gain industry experience and build their resume through competitions and events.


At CMTC, you will meet over seventy of the world’s top modelling and talent agents, scouts, managers, producers, record labels, and casting directors! You’ll also maximize your opportunities by meeting different types of agencies – fashion, commercial, catalogue, editorial, plus-size, fitness, actors, agents, artist managers, and more. CMTC makes the connection between new faces and the top career-makers of the modelling and entertainment industries.

28 years and counting

Jasmine julien

“CMTC was what started my professional modelling career. I walked in thinking I would just have fun and was not expecting anything from it. I had no confidence in myself and thought I wouldn’t get a single callback. I had a great weekend and enjoyed myself so much. On Sunday, I went to attend callbacks and had 30 callbacks from top agencies from all over the world! You can only imagine my excitement and my family’s reaction!! I was so overwhelmed. Thankfully the lovely President of CMTC Audra Anderson assisted me and my family in navigating my callbacks and career choices. Attending CMTC was the best career decision I have ever made. Following CMTC I signed with Mode Elle as my Mother Agency, Elite in Toronto, Women in New York, MP in Paris, Milan Chicago & Miami and Bravo in Tokyo. A career highlight for me so far is walking for Dolce and Gabbana during Milan Fashion Week. If I didn’t go to CMTC I would 100% not be where I am today. I owe it ALL to CMTC. My life changed within 4 of the best days of my life. In one year I have travelled internationally to Tokyo, Paris, NYC, Milan, and Chicago! I can’t express how much love and support I have for CMTC.”

Jasmine Julien

CMTC 2018 Alumni

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“CMTC provides the incredibly rare opportunity for aspiring talent to meet with the top international agents in the industry. To have that chance as you’re entering the business is so valuable and opens doors that otherwise might never be made available.”

Allison MacGillivray
Agent, Plutino Models, Toronto

“Going to CMTC opened the door to opportunities for my daughter Ava and it was absolutely worth it!!! Ava had so much fun showcasing her talents, dancing at the theme parties, and meeting new friends!”

Priscilla Murchison
Parent of Contestant
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“CMTC is a wonderful place to meet talent scouts and agents from all over the world that have been carefully selected by CMTC to give participants the best exposure possible to maximize their possibilities of being discovered and signed.”

Jorge Morales
Casting Director, New York

“Coming from a small area, we attended the convention with no experience at all in this industry. We've learned and gain so much knowledge to help prepare us for any new opportunities coming our way in the future.”

Katrina Savoie
Parent of Contestant
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"All the seminars were very informative and taught me many useful tips for the future. The busy schedule was filled with exciting competitions and chances to meet agents from all over the world, hearing them informed me about this pathway and made me even more excited to continue my dream in this industry. "

Britt Geurts

"A great place for singers, actors, and models to network and learn about the industry. This convention is well run with a top notch staff."

Shaun Royer
Manager, Soundcheck Artists, Los Angeles

"I was able to learn so many valuable lessons that I will carry with me in this life goal journey of mine. It was really vital to my career and it made my love for acting even greater which is something I did not think was possible. "

Lia Revita
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"The seminars were very informative and we learn a lot of great tips that will enhance their future career. I recommend CMTC if you have an interest in acting, singing, dancing or simply exploring the model or acting industry."

Neachia Stephen
Parent of Contestants

"It was without a doubt the most exciting experience of my life so far! It was so well organized and the seminars were very informative."

Nicole Lockie