Agent and Scout Reviews

What do agents and scouts have to say about CMTC?


I really enjoyed my experience attending the CMTC convention to scout new talent. There were great models and it was a great opportunity to network with other agencies from all over the world.

Tara Intoci

Agent, Industry Model Management (Los Angeles)

I have participated in many model/talent conventions in the past and CMTC was, by far, one of the BEST! I was very impressed with the structure of the convention and how organized the event was. CMTC is a very beneficial convention to the talent who are participating – rarely have I seen such talent from one convention. I look forward to attending CMTC for many years to come!

Charlie Winfield

Agent, Funnyface Today (New York)

CMTC has always been a favorite destination for myself every year to find fresh new talent in Canada! CMTC is a great event where new models have the opportunity to meet with great international agents face to face and experience a weekend full of vital industry information!

Michael Lord

Scout, Nathalie Agency (Paris), New York Model Management (New York)

In my opinion, CMTC is one of the leading conventions in North America. I attend CMTC every year. It is very well organized. The models I sign and represent from CMTC have all been successful.

Paul Chang

Agent, New Face/Fashion (Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong)

CMTC is the best and most reliable event held once a year. It is the outlet to discover future models and talent for our agency from all across Canada. If anyone in the industry does not know about CMTC, it is in our opinion that they are not really an established agency. The best agencies scout at CMTC!

Fumiko Sugaya

Agent, Image (Tokyo)

CMTC is a great opportunity for agents to meet many good, potential models in one place! It is also a great opportunity for the participants to get scouted by the most prestigious agencies in the world. All in all, a perfect deal for everyone! Thank you Audra for everything you do every year!

Giorgio Riviera

Agent, Major Models (Milan)

CMTC is a great opportunity for agents to discover future top models from all over Canada! Audra and her team do an amazing job and everything is so well organized! I look forward to attending next year’s convention!

Radek Kantor

Agent, Esee Model Management (Shanghai, Beijing)

We always find many beautiful models at this convention! I will be back next year!

Sawa Saito

Agent, Avenue 1 (Tokyo)

Truly a well-organized and professional event! I look forward to attending CMTC every year!

Stephanie Chen

Scout, PT Models (Taipei, Shanghai)

As an international model agent based out of Chicago, I have access to literally hundreds of modelling conventions throughout America and Canada. I choose to attend a select few, and CMTC is one of them. I will return to conventions where I find perfect, wonderful male and female models. I have happily returned to CMTC and am thrilled about the next convention. CMTC and their affiliates make my life easy. When I meet the models, their portfolios and attitudes are already competitive with established models. I couldn’t recommend CMTC more highly – I think that CMTC is perfect!

Marie Anderson

Agent, Agency Galatea (Chicago)

CMTC has fantastic talent and a great energy! It is a lot of fun for both the contestants and agents!

April Holgate

Agent, Abrams Artist Agency (New York, Los Angeles)

It was an honor representing my agency at such a time-honored event. Thank you Audra and staff for a well put together convention!

Annelize Andrews

Agent, Topco (Cape Town)

Attending CMTC is always a great pleasure! It is highly experienced and very well organized. The selection of Agents in attendance from Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia are the best and are of top quality! We always find models with strong potential for the Tokyo market at the Canadian Model and Talent Convention. Looking forward to seeing many more great models at the next CMTC!

Ito Compton

Scout, Team/Evviva (Tokyo), Cinq Deux Un (Tokyo)

CMTC is simply the best organized and executed modelling and talent convention in North America. The talent is impressive and it is a great resource for me to find the next generation of up and coming talent!

Ray Miller

Manager, Archetype (Los Angeles)

CMTC is so organized and professional! I enjoyed meeting and working with the talent in attendance and I look forward to working with many of them in LA!

Shaun Royer

Manager, Soundcheck Artists (Los Angeles)

CMTC is a great event and I look forward to attending every year! Audra and her staff work so hard to ensure everything runs smoothly! All of the directors work hard to train and prepare their models/talent for CMTC and it shows! The models that we select from CMTC to travel to Japan do very well!

Mariko Tatsumi

Scout, Visage (Osaka)

As a former director, and now as an agent, I have seen CMTC from both sides and I am always impressed! Audra’s professionalism and reputation – along with the high caliber of talent that attend – are an ideal draw for the world’s top modelling and talent agents! There is no better forum to give models/talent the opportunity to learn and gain exposure from industry professionals! It’s definitely a can’t-afford-to-miss event on my calendar each year!

Dan Grant

Scout, Next Models (Toronto, Worldwide)

Everyone was FANTASTIC! Thank you all for your time and energy!

Tim Le

Agent, The Craft Agency (Los Angeles)

CMTC is awesome! It is a well-organized event, filled with great talent that I was able to meet with and invite to our market to become involved in the fabulous world of entertainment!

BeLinda Pressley

Agent, Kathy Donahue's Models & Actors (New York)

CMTC is a very well-organized convention and is very well run. CMTC is a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to discover new talent!

Fernando Merino

Agent, Group (Barcelona)

Of the conventions that I attend, rarely do I find so much talent in one place! The way the convention is structured gives me, as an agent, a better view into each person’s abilities. I look forward to this event every year!

Marion Falk

Agent, MSF Talent (New York)

A great opportunity to meet agents from all over the World. The talent are outstanding quality thus giving me reason to travel so far to attend CMTC. I know I’ll never be disappointed at CMTC.

Dotte Klingstom

Agent, Action! (Athens)

I was very impressed that there are just so many people who are supporting future models in CMTC.

Yoshie Furuya

Agent, Yoshie Models (Tokyo)

I attend several talent conventions a year and this is one of my favorite ones because as a talent agent, I can see talent from across the entire country of Canada! It’s the only one of it’s kind to explore Canadian talent! And with technology these days, you don’t necessarily have to live in Hollywood to get a chance to audition for TV shows and movies cast there! The staff are great and the competitions all run fairly smoothly! I’ve signed two talent this past year and within a week they’ve each had a major film audition!

Ted Maier

Agent, Mavrick Artists Agency (Los Angeles)