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“CMTC is one of the most organized events I’ve been to. From the moment I was invited, every detail of the event was in place. If there were any changes we were alerted right away. The first night I met Audra and her staff, I knew right away I was going to enjoy myself. The entire staff and volunteers at CMTC were very accommodating and treated all the VIPs professionally. The best part of CMTC is seeing the contestants and hopefully finding future Stars in the making. The contestants seemed to have a great time and I hope their experience was beneficial. There was a lot of information to learn and take in, that’s why we as Talent Reps are there. To provide the best information and advice from our years in the bizness. And its a great way for us to find great talent. Looking forward to many events at CMTC”

Raynard Pearson

Los Angeles


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"I attended the CMTC event for the first time this May. I attend a number of events of this nature each year and can say that the talent I saw at CMTC was quite good and I would attend again in the future."

Terrie Snell
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"CMTC provides the incredibly rare opportunity for aspiring talent to meet with the top international agents in the industry. To have that chance as you’re entering the business is so valuable and opens doors that otherwise might never be made available. The event is brilliantly organized and executed and Audra and her lovely staff were all so professional and accommodating. Thank you Audra for having Plutino Models at your event!!"

Allison Macgillivray
Plutino Models
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"Our agency is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was great experience for us! Not only finding new gems, but making new connections with other agencies! CMTC staff are professional and helpful so that I felt all of the events went smooth. We would like to come back again. Thank you!"

Tomoe Yasumoto
Cinq Deux Un
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"I’m an international Runway Coach from Toronto. CMTC is by far the best well run Model & Talent Convention to attend. I’ve been coaching the Runway Workshop for a several years now and I can honestly say each year never fails to amaze me. The founder Audra Anderson is a genius! She put together such a professional, fun, informative event that creates so many opportunities for those who attend. It’s always a pleasure working with her hardworking team. Thank you for having me back as always."

Jessica Gregory
Runway Coach
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"Bonjour , I went to the CMTC as executive director of the model agency New Madison in Paris. I had a really great time for 4 days. It's a good opportunity to meet people of the industry and to share our experience of the fashion business. The CMTC is well organized ! It's an important moment for the girls and boys who wants to become model.I met some promising talent ! Thank you CMTC and Audra :)"

Christel Vatasso
New Madison
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"CMTC is a wonderful place to meet talent scouts and agents from all over the world that have been carefully selected by CMTC to give participants the best expose possible to maximize their possibilities of being discovered and signed. As a casting director that has attended this event for multiple years, I am always pleasantly surprised at the level of quality of the talent and agents. This is no doubt one of the best talent conventions in all of North America"

Jorge Morales
New York Casting Director
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"I loved scouting talent at CMTC! This is such a wonderful convention to attend, as the talent are always very prepared, professional, and talented. Audra Anderson and her team are so wonderful to work with, we love them! I plan on signing many actors from CMTC. Thanks for having The Brogan Agency at your event! Can't wait to sign some CMTC talent!"

Shawn Brogan
Brogan Agency
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"I'm a model agent at One Management in NY. CMTC is such a great event. It’s a great opportunity for agents to meet some incredible up and coming talent, and also for talent to meet agents from all over the globe and gain some valuable experience. It’s run seamlessly and was an extremely beneficial event to be a part of."

Ariana Cullen
One Management
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"'I'm head of scouting for two different agencies in Milan, and this year was my first time in CMTC Toronto. It was lovely, great organization, great mood, great talents for the European fashion industry. The team was SPECTACULAR. I highly recommend it. Thank you for everything!"

Nicola Casini
2M Models & The Wolves
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"I have run workshops and improv competitions with CMTC for over a decade. This very special showcase promotes diversity, self confidence, perseverance and inclusion while maintaining a realistic outlook regarding survival in a tough business. One that I have adored for over 30 years. CMTC is fun, welcoming, challenging and a packed few days! Well worth the investment!"

Linda Kash
Acting Coach

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"Absolutely hands down one of the best events for Children, Teens and Adults to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience about the world of Acting and Modeling. The coordinators run a very smooth and free flowing and professional event. The caliber of participants and their talent are always very engaging and eager to learn while at the same time hopefully having a positive, informative and most important..fun time. Beneficial to both the participants and their parents alike."
Charlie Winfield
FunnyFace Today
"To be invited for CMTC in Toronto is always a great pleasure . As every year Audra and her team did amazing work and all was great prepared and organized ! This event is a great opportunity for young people to be discovered by prestigious agencies worldwide and to start their future carrier as a model and actor. This year I saw some very good models and I am looking forward to work with them in the near future!"
Radek Kantor
Esee Models
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" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I’ve attended CMTC for already 3 times since 2017 on behalf of Dolls Model Management Taiwan+China. I must say I am very impressed the way how they organize everything for the models, talents, and agents! So much to learn and many things are going on there such as contest, seminar, and even fun activities! It is indeed precious experience for anyone who wants to be part of the industry. I already can’t wait next CMTC to come!"

Steven Kang
Dolls Management
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"A great place for singers, actors, and models to network and learn about the industry. This convention is well run with a top notch staff."

Shaun Royer
Soundcheck Artist
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"I am an agent from Japan and CMTC is an excellent event. I always find good models for our market. After working with my agency in Japan, these models' lives have been changed. Now they fly all over the world for modeling jobs. Audra, the president of this company is really organized and of course her staff is excellent."

Mariko Tatsumi
Visage Models
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"I was honored to be able to help adjudicate and watch the tremendous talent and auditions from this past years CMTC event. It's a truly remarkable and well run event that gives a real opportunity for young and emerging talent both acting and modelling to be seen by industry professionals, and looking forward to seeing more come from this event."

Ryan Goldhar
Characters Talent Agency
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"I am the Youth Director for Bella Agency in Los Angeles, I have attended CMTC two years in a row now, and it is one of the best showcases out there! The talent is always great, and Audra Anderson, who runs the event is an amazing woman to work with!"

Jessica Olson
Bella Agency
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"CMTC is always a great experience for both scouts and talent as it brings together the best in the industry."

Arielle Day
Folio Models
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"CMTC was an incredible experience both for finding New talent and networking with professionals in the entertainment industry! Highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to gain more knowledge and build their craft in the Entertainment industry!"

Micheline Blais
Cast North
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"CMTC is one of my favorite events to find new talent - they are ready and hungry to work, and already so knowledgeable about the industry thanks to the hard work that the convention puts in to get them prepared to meet the agents! The entire event runs so seamlessly - can't wait for next year!"

Tony Tilli
Abbey Lynn Models
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"I attended CMTC as a Manager in 2018 and had such a wonderful experience. I left every day feeling inspired by the talent, the agents and coordinators. I loved watching the drive and passion in everyone's eyes there, it reminded me why I love to do what I do. The CMTC staff did such a great job at organizing this event and making sure every individual got time and showcase their talents and work their craft, I can't wait till next year!"

Jacob Schott
Talent Ink
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"This will be my 3rd year attending with my "Mann Casting Team". First I have to give props to Audra Anderson- the execution and organization of this event is always on point not to mention a lot of fun. Audra is so passionate and professional it's always a pleasure for us to be there. As casting directors, its a great vehicle for us to help educate and inform parents and teens about the industry. Not to mention we always seem to discover new talent! Thank you for always including us"

Steven Mann
Mann Casting

Avalon Artists Group

“I attend several talent conventions a year and this is one of my favorite ones because as a talent agent, I can see talent from across an entire country of Canada!! It’s the only one of it’s kind to explore Canadian talent! And with technology these days, you don’t necessarily have to live in Hollywood to get a chance to audition for TV shows and movies cast there! The staff is great and the competitions all run fairly smoothly!! I’ve signed 2 talent this past year and within a week they’ve each had a major film audition!”

Ted Maier

Los Angeles


Advice from the Experts

Arc Talent Mangement

“GO BIG! You don’t want to look back on your performance and wish you “went for it.” Just do it. Remember to be confident, have a charming personality and a passion for acting.” 

"The modeling industry is incredibly competitive, so be prepared to hear "no" a lot more then "yes." Stay positive and try not to dwell on the outcome of every little casting or go-see - rather shake it off, understand that every model has their own unique path, and trust that your agency knows whats best for you!"
Jessie Sardina
MP Management
"Work ethic beats talent, so be ready to work. The good news is, if you love what you do, it rarely feels like work. Pay close attention to trends and educate yourself as much as possible. For singers, see who's charting, keep an eye on Spotify, and look for any opportunity to network and perform in front of audiences."

John DeGrazio
Watersound Entertainment

AREA Management

“Be yourself and shine! Relax and remember that no matter what the outcome of the competitions, everyone who participates gains valuable insight and knowledge of the modelling/entertainment industries and what an amazing opportunity to meet agents from around the World. Everyone walks away a winner!”