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Professionalism, optimism, and kindness are important qualities for those interested in the modelling and entertainment industries. Every aspect of this business is collaborative, with many people working towards a common goal. Clients, casting directors, photographers, and stylists must enjoy working with you.

Prior to your arrival at the CMTC audition, you will be asked to complete the CMTC Application Form via email. When you arrive at the CMTC audition, a CMTC representative will sign you in and ensure the scouts have received your online application in full.  

After you check in, a CMTC Scout will take your digital photo. The information seminar takes place after all attendees have checked in and have had their digital photo taken. Applicants must be in attendance for the entire duration of the seminar as important information about the audition process and event is relayed.

CMTC will present a free information seminar on modelling, acting, and opportunities offered at the Canadian Model and Talent Convention. Due to a high volume of new faces auditioning, the seminar allows us to explain all this information all in one place all at one time. Attendees will receive an information package and will have the opportunity to ask questions. CMTC representatives will also explain how you will know if you have successfully auditioned and are selected to attend the upcoming convention.

CMTC scouts are looking for new faces with the potential to be marketed in the modelling or entertainment industries. It is CMTC’s mandate to scout new faces that possess the qualities that agents, managers, casting directors, and record labels are looking to represent.

Please be advised that you are auditioning for the opportunity to be selected to attend the next CMTC. Attending does not guarantee that you will be selected for the upcoming convention.

After completing and submitting the CMTC audition form, your spot will be reserved for you. Please be advised that space is limited and seats at an audition are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. If the audition you selected has reached capacity, you will be notified by email and placed on a waiting list. Those who are waitlisted will be contacted if spaces become available.

No. The CMTC audition and information seminar is free to attend.

The duration of the audition and information seminar is approximately two hours. You must be in attendance for the entire event in order to be eligible for a spot at the upcoming convention. During the seminar, you will receive an information package and will have the opportunity to ask questions about CMTC in particular or the modelling and entertainment industries in general. CMTC scouts will also explain how the selection process works as well as how you will know if you have been selected.

Applicants under the age of 18 are required to bring a parent or legal guardian with them to the audition. We also encourage all models/talent to bring a family member with them for support.

Applicants are advised to be natural and dress casual. Do not wear anything that prevents the scouts from evaluating your facial features. That means no hats, no dark glasses, and no hairstyles that cover your face. Females should wear minimal make-up and their hair down.

A CMTC representative will be taking a digital snapshot of you at the audition; therefore, you do not need to bring any photos with you.

CMTC works with models/talent ages 4 and up.

CMTC works with models/talent ages 4 and up. Please do not bring babies or toddlers with you to the audition and information seminar; we have found that they often become a distraction to other applicants.

No experience is required! CMTC is an opportunity for new faces or models/talent with limited experience to break into the modelling or entertainment industries at the national or international level. In fact, the agents, managers, and casting directors that attend CMTC are expecting to scout fresh models/talent.

If you have any questions about the audition process that have not been addressed in this FAQ page, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or +1 613-967-5972.

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