The demand for new models/talent is continually growing in every major national and international market. However, methods of discovering new models/talent in a country as large as Canada are severely limited. Furthermore, substantial investments of time and money are required for major agencies to scout in smaller regional centres. As a result, aspiring models/talent from small regional centres experience even more of an obstacle because their direct exposure to experience and industry opportunities is greatly reduced. It is often the case that aspiring models/talent have the desire and potential for a career in the modelling and entertainment industries, but are not given the opportunity to be discovered by agents, scouts, managers, and casting directors.

CMTC was developed in 1991 to help create the right time and place for models/talent to be educated and showcased. For over 25 years CMTC has helped aspiring models/actors overcome four key obstacles associated with breaking into the modelling and entertainment industries:

  • Meeting the Right People. The most important person an aspiring model/talent needs is a legitimate agent or manager who believes in them and will represent and promote them to their clientele.
  • Education. Many potential models/talent do not know how to get started, which agencies are reputable, or what skills and tools are necessary for a national or international career in modelling, acting, singing, and dance. CMTC provides the best venue to be educated by industry experts and the agents themselves through seminars and workshops held throughout convention weekend.
  • Cost. As with anything worth pursuing, beginning a career in modelling, acting, singing or dance is an investment. However, it should not cost enormous amounts of time and money to find out if you have what it takes to succeed in the modelling and entertainment industries. The CMTC registration base fee covers the costs of putting together a comprehensive event to showcase aspiring models/talent to the world’s top modelling and talent agents. To put things into perspective, consider two possible alternatives: (1) travelling to major industry markets individually or (2) attending similar events in the U.S. Travelling to major markets such as New York New York, Los Angeles, Paris, or Milan to meet with agents would cost you thousands of dollars for your flight, accommodations, meals, and other traveling expenses. Travelling to the U.S. and attending a similar convention could also prove quite costly. Indeed, registration fees at similar events in the U.S. are often in excess of $2500  U.S.D. In contrast, CMTC provides an affordable venue to be discovered by bringing national and international agents to you.
  • Location. Most aspiring models/talent do not live in an area that allows easy access to the major modelling and talent agents that can help launch their careers. CMTC makes the connection by providing a venue which brings together potential aspiring models/talent with the world’s top agents and scouts, all under one roof. At the event, models/talent with have the opportunity to meet with industry experts from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul, Miami, Montreal, Toronto and many more.