Code of Conduct

CMTC’s Code of Conduct communicates the ethical values and standards of conduct that CMTC staff and participants shall abide by in carrying out the mission of CMTC.

CMTC’s Code of Conduct affirms our commitment to ensuring that CMTC is a professional, safe and respectful space for all. It reinforces what CMTC is all about – fairness, responsibility, accountability and treating each other with respect in all of our interactions, whether personal or electronic. All staff, contestants, parents/guardians, visitors, and industry representatives agree to abide by this code of conduct upon registering and confirming their participation in a CMTC event.


Policy Statement

This Code applies to all staff, volunteers, contestants, parents/guardians, visitors, industry representatives, and any other participant applying, registered, or confirmed to attend a CMTC event.  

Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in either expulsion or disqualification without a refund from CMTC. All parties involved are expected to read and be familiar with the Code of Conduct and to use it to guide the way when interacting with CMTC and its participants.

General Conduct

All staff, volunteers, contestants, parents/guardians, visitors, industry representatives, and any other participant are expected to respect and value the rights of others and to conduct themselves as responsible citizens. Choosing to attend, register, and RSVP for a CMTC event obligates each participant to abide by a code of respectful behaviour. The following personal actions, whether on-or off the venue premises, are prohibited. The following list contains specific conduct that is prohibited by CMTC under this Code. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and CMTC reserves the right to impose sanctions on participants for personal actions which may not be expressly identified. CMTC’s other rules and policies set forth additional prohibited conduct.


Expected Conduct / Behaviour

  1. Kindness. Please be kind and courteous in your dealings with everyone in the CMTC community. This includes staff, management, event volunteers, contestants, parents/guardians, visitors, industry representatives, and judges. CMTC is proud to support Kids Help Phone through our Embody Kindness Campaign. We encourage all models and talent to “Embody Kindness” as they pursue their careers — it may be a competitive industry, but great success can be found by supporting each other with empathy and positivity. We encourage this same message in all aspects of dealings in regard to CMTC.
  2. Respect. All contestants are expected to respect and value the rights of others and conduct themselves as responsible citizens. Choosing to join the CMTC community obligates each contestant and parent/guardian/visitor to abide by a code of respectful behavior. Parents will encourage and guide their child to accept responsibility for his/her own performance and behavior. Parents will teach their children respect for other contestants, CMTC staff, industry reps, judges, and lead by example. 
  3. Honest, Ethical, and Fair Dealing. All persons connected to CMTC should endeavour to deal honestly, ethically and fairly with CMTC’s staff, volunteers, industry representatives, judges, contestants, and parents/guardians. Statements regarding CMTC’s products and services must not be untrue, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent. As a person connected to CMTC, you must not take advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair-dealing practice.

Unacceptable Conduct/Behaviour

Inappropriate and disruptive behaviour shall include but is not limited to:

  1. Bullying, harassment and other offensive behaviours towards CMTC contestants, visitors, volunteers, staff, management and any other CMTC participant will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour will result in dismissal from CMTC without refund.
    • Bullying is systematic intentional behavior that threatens, intimidates, or is intended to threaten or intimidate others. Bullying may take many forms, including but not limited to, repeated unwanted physical, verbal, or written acts, which are hostile or offensive; that target at an individual or group and create an intimidating and/or threatening environment or a risk of psychological and/or physical harm. Bullying may manifest as cyber stalking or cyber bullying. There is ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind, whether it be in person, by email, on social media, or texting.  
    • Harassment is defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Such conduct may include visual representations, electronic messages, written messages, verbal and/or physical conduct, and may relate to any of the grounds of discrimination prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code or other malicious grounds.
    • Other offensive behaviors may include the use of condescending, humiliating, or vulgar language, swearing, shouting or use of unsuitable language, use of obscene gestures or mocking.
  2. With the growing trend in social media, we ask that all contestants, parents/guardians and visitors refrain from negative social network postings. Any comments or posts perceived to be obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful towards CMTC staff, management, industry representatives, judges, contestants, parents/guardians, or visitors, may subject the poster being disqualified from CMTC, removed from CMTC without refund, or face possible legal action. CMTC contestants, alumni, parents/guardians, or visitors who participate in social media are reminded to keep it positive, professional, and APPROPRIATE. Consider whether any content may reflect poorly on you, the convention, the modelling and talent industry, as well as top industry representatives that endorse CMTC before you post it. Operate in all circumstances online as a professional – as you would in the community.
  3. Any actions, whether they be verbal, written, or physical that are perceived as intimidating, threatening or otherwise hostile, are strictly forbidden.  Parents/Guardians, Visitors, and or Contestants that choose not to follow CMTC’s Code of Conduct will be removed from the event immediately without refund. We have an open door policy and encourage all communication, complaints and feedback to be communicated to CMTC staff directly.

We intend for contestants and parents/visitors of CMTC to strive to behave in a positive and constructive manner at all times and to utilize truth, fairness and integrity in the development of personal decisions and relationships both inside and out of the convention. Please remember – it is a privilege to be selected to participate in CMTC.  One’s behavior must emulate that privilege.

Thank you for respecting and following our code of conduct.

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