Information Regarding the Rescheduling of CMTC 2020

Since the onset of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have been assessing how best to support convention activities and making adjustments as required by public health authorities and government orders.

The best scientific evidence available from Canada’s public health authorities at this time suggests that the current wave of COVID-19 will not subside in Canada until, at minimum, the middle of the summer. Furthermore, a second wave of COVID-19 is expected in the Fall. On this basis, having regard to the public interest and the safety of all contestants, employees, and the public, CMTC has determined that the June 3-7, 2020, convention will be rescheduled to May 12-16, 2021.

CMTC understands the impact that this decision has on registrants and has not made the decision lightly. We thank our contestants, visitors, agents, managers, scouts, casting directors, producers, and industry experts for their continued patience and understanding as we work through these unprecedented circumstances.

In order to ensure that current CMTC 2020 registrants are able to make future arrangements, we will be allowing all registration fees to be transferred to either the CMTC 2021 event or the CMTC 2022 event. 

CMTC’s mission is to provide a positive, healthy, and safe environment where aspiring models/talent can meet with industry leaders and career makers, learn more about the modelling/entertainment industries, hone in on new ways to develop their skills, and  grow their passion. A part of what makes the CMTC experience so special is the joy that is brought by being among a community of like-minded individuals; this is why we believe it is important to offer our sincere support to anyone who has been affected by this virus. We want to thank you for your patience as our team has strived to come up with the best solution for attendees. We wish everyone the best health and safety during this difficult time, and we look forward to putting on an amazing CMTC event in 2021 and beyond.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!


The CMTC Team


Yes, CMTC 2020 registrants must complete this request to transfer form in order to identify which event they would like to transfer to. All CMTC 2020 registrants must complete this form by June 1, 2020. 

Depending on your selection on the transfer form, CMTC will move your account over to either the CMTC 2021 or CMTC 2022 database. Since all of your registration fees will be carried over, the CMTC team will ensure all account settings including primary registrant details, visitor information, and competitions match your original CMTC 2020 account. 

Yes. If you would like to exchange any of the competitions listed on your CMTC 2020 account, you can email the CMTC team at and they will be happy to make the changes on your account. 

Yes. You will be provided with new deadlines and information on how to resubmit if you would like to update your program book photo or any of your competition material.

Due to the upfront nature of event costs (e.g., hosting audition and free information seminars, year round travel and advertising costs, hotel contractual obligations, publishing and printing promotional materials, year-round event planning, staffing and administrative costs, annual overhead), we have a uniform policy that registration fees are non-refundable.

Despite this unprecedented situation, the CMTC team strives to uphold our standard of excellence for the CMTC 2021 and CMTC 2022 events. The purpose of  rescheduling CMTC’s event date is to ensure that all registrants get the most out of their CMTC experience in all aspects including safety and maximizing the education, experience, and national and international exposure.

No. Over the past few weeks, the CMTC team has been in correspondence with the agents, managers, scouts, casting directors, producers, and industry experts who were confirmed to attend CMTC 2020. Based on this situation, the reps have communicated that May of 2021 and 2022 would be the best dates for the rescheduled event. Due to the reps’ busy schedules, we need to hold our event outside of peak industry seasons such as fashion weeks and pilot seasons. The reps have been supportive and understand that this is an unprecedented situation and look forward to attending and scouting at future CMTC events.

As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, the COVID-19 situation is continuously evolving. As this is a complex situation, there were many different factors that the CMTC team had to consider. The best scientific evidence available from Canada’s public health authorities at this time suggests that the current wave of COVID-19 will not subside in Canada until the middle of the summer. Furthermore, a second wave of COVID-19 is expected in the fall. The success of our event relies heavily on the attendance of international agencies that travel to scout the best Canadian new face models and talent. Due to COVID-19 being a worldwide crisis, we expect there will continue to be an impact on international travel well into 2020 (and possibly early 2021). Moreover, although our host hotel is working diligently to help us reschedule the convention, we do not believe that the dates available in 2020 are safe choices for our attendees; this is especially the case for attendees who rely on domestic and international flights to reach our event. Furthermore, our correspondence with industry reps suggests that hosting the event in 2020 would result in a significantly lower turnout of industry reps.

Our team is constantly thinking of new ways to connect with CMTC attendees and offer new faces education about the modelling and entertainment industries. As such, the team will be working hard to ensure that CMTC 2020 attendees will be receiving information, tips, and virtual training up until CMTC 2021. We have already been working on exciting ideas to ensure that attendees will be prepared for the CMTC 2021 date. In addition to improving our Instagram live sessions to include more in depth information, we will also be reaching out to more reps and industry professionals to provide CMTC attendees with helpful information on how to grow their career in the industry. We have already confirmed numerous reps for the information sessions including Nuno Campeo (One Management, NY),  Ray Miller (Archetype, LA), Taylor Bright (Stagecoach, LA), Sarah Sheps & Daniel Falk (Mann Casting, TO), Jorge Morales (Casting Director, NY), Jaclyn Hergott (10 Mgmt, Chicago), Brandon Hall (Sutherland Models, TO), Erika Larva (Monarch Events Group, TO), Ted Maier (Avalon Artists – LA & NY), and Tony Tilli (Abbey Lynn Models – NY). This initiative is to ensure registrants will feel as prepared as ever for maximizing their opportunities at CMTC 2021 or CMTC 2022.

No. CMTC has a maximum capacity for our event. Since current CMTC 2020 registrants have the option to transfer to CMTC 2021 or CMTC 2022, we will be filling any leftover spaces based on the same maximum capacity limit for CMTC 2020. CMTC 2020 registrants are a priority to us, and we want to uphold our standards of excellence and ensure each registrant receives maximum exposure. CMTC is a “closed” convention. Therefore, only a select list of industry reps receive an invitation to scout, judge, and present seminars at the event. The closed nature of CMTC ensures that contestants are being seen by respected agents, managers, producers, and casting directors who have an established reputation in the modelling and talent industries for finding and promoting new faces in various markets.