Contestant Guide: Important Steps and Dates

Contestants often wonder what is expected of them on the road to convention weekend. We have compiled a list of steps in order to make the post-registration process clear and simple. Feel free to click on the steps below to reveal the explanations.

Step 1: Complete CMTC's online registration form.

Contestants that successfully audition will be sent a link to CMTC’s private online registration form. This form will allow contestants to select their division, competitions, visitor passes, and awards ceremony tickets.

Step 2: Complete your registration agreements.

Each contestant, visitor, and awards guest named on your registration form will be sent an email and asked to electronically sign CMTC’s Registration and Release of Liability Agreement. These agreements will be signed using DocuSign.

Contestants, visitors, and awards guests will not be able to attend CMTC unless these agreements have been completed. As such, it is important that you provide the correct email address of each contestant, visitor, and awards guest named on your registration form. If the contestant, visitors, and/or awards guests named on your registration form are minors (under the age of 18), the email address of their parent or legal guardian must be provided.

For your review, the terms and conditions of each agreement are as follows:

Step 3: Submit your program book photo (deadline: February 1, 2019).

Contestants are required to submit a head shot that will appear in the CMTC program book. A head shot is a specific type of portrait that is intended to realistically demonstrate your appearance. Agents, managers, and casting directors will use your program book head shot along with your contestant number to identify and select you for callbacks.

All head shots must be submitted by February 1, 2019. Photos are to be submitted using the Program Book Photo Submission Form on CMTC’s website. The password for this form can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Contestant photos must meet the following specifications:

  1. File Name Format: LastName_FirstName_Division
  2. File Type: JPEG or TIFF
  3. Image Width: 1.25 inches – 1.75 inches (375 pixels –  525 pixels)
  4. Image Height: 1.375 inches – 1.875 inches (412 pixels – 562 pixels)
  5. Resolution: 300 DPI

Your division label should be either: Child 4-7, Child 8-11, Female 12-15, Female 16-19, Female Adult, Male or Talent. For example, if contestant Jane Smith was registered in the Female 16-19 division, she should name her image Smith_Jane_Female 16-19.

Photos that are not submitted by the deadline date and/or do not meet the specifications outlined above may not appear in the program book. In addition, contestants that have not paid their registration fees in full and/or submitted their registration agreements by the deadline date will not be featured in the program book.

Here are some examples of program book photos:

Program Book Photo Example 4

Step 4: Book accommodations at CMTC's host hotel.

Attendees looking to book accommodations at CMTC’s host venue, the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel, are advised to do so as soon as possible. Be sure to request accommodations within CMTC’s room block to receive a discounted rate. A limited number of accommodations are available within this discounted room block. Once the room block reaches capacity, the hotel will only have rooms available at the regular rack rate; therefore, CMTC advises contestants and visitors to book their hotel rooms as soon as possible.

Contestants will receive a link to book accommodations in CMTC’s room block in their registration confirmation email.

Location: 901 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 1J5
Phone: +1 416-674-9400 or +1 800-905-2811

Step 5: Submit your sponsor information (deadline: March 1, 2019).

One way many models and talent finance attending CMTC is through sponsors or fundraising. Sponsors may be family, friends or local businesses who provide financial or other support. Examples of fundraisers include car washes or bake sales.

Contestants should submit their sponsor information using the Sponsorship Form. The password for this form can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Contestants obtaining sponsors must submit their completed sponsor listings on or before March 1, 2019, in order for the names of their sponsors to be published in the CMTC Program Book. It is the sole responsibility of the model/talent/parent to ensure that all sponsors and the amount sponsored are listed.

CMTC cannot guarantee that sponsors received after the above date will be published in the CMTC Program Book, although we will make every effort to do so.

Step 6: Ensure that all registration fees associated with your account are paid (deadline: March 1, 2019).

All balances owing to CMTC are due on March 1, 2019. A $100.00 late fee will be applied to those accounts not paid in full by the deadline date.

Please note that CMTC reserves the right to revoke discounts applied to registration accounts:

  • with late and outstanding balances; and/or
  • accounts that name contestants, visitors, and awards guests who have not signed CMTC’s Registration and Release of Liability Agreement.
Step 7: Update your registration information (if applicable).

The Request for Change Form can be used to update your registration account information (the password for this form can be found in your registration confirmation email). Specifically, you can use this form to:

  • update your division (deadline: February 1, 2019);
  • add competitions (deadline: March 1, 2019);
  • exchange competitions (deadline: March 1, 2019);
  • add visitor passes; and
  • add awards guest tickets.
Step 8: Download and rehearse your scripts.

Contestants who entered the TV/Film Casting Competition and/or the Self-Tape Competition must download pre-selected scripts from CMTC’s website. Scripts for these competitions will be available for download on April 1, 2019.

Click here to access scripts for the TV/Film Casting Competition. The password for this page can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Click here to access scripts for the Self-Tape Competition. The password for this page can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Step 9: Submit your self-tape (deadline: April 15, 2019).

If you have entered the Self-Tape Competition, you must video yourself performing a pre-approved script. Your script can be downloaded from this password-protected web page on April 1, 2019. The password for this page can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Once your self-tape is complete, you must upload the file to the Self-Tape Submission Form on or before April 15, 2019. The password for this form can be found in your registration confirmation email.

Step 10: Pickup your registration package at the CMTC info booth.

Event Check In will take place on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the CMTC information booth located in front of the Hudson Bay room at the Toronto Airport Marriott. Contestants must pay their registration fees in full in order to receive their registration package, which includes the CMTC program book, awards ceremony tickets, and badges which permit access to the convention site.