CMTC Alumni

Kendra Buchanan


CMTC alumni model Kendra Buchanan attended CMTC in 2022 where she met and signed with Toronto agency, Sutherland model Management. Today, Kendra is signed with agencies in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto.

“What a great event!  Kendra had an amazing time and was overwhelmed by the awards she received.  CMTC has opened new doors for Kendra, plus we learned a lot of invaluable information about the modelling industry that we will carry forward. It was so useful to attend the sessions and for Kendra to meet many agents one-on-one on Sunday.   Kendra also had lots of fun with the other contestants and made new friends which adds to a great overall experience. While I always thought Kendra had modelling potential, and she has a genuine interest in modelling, we had little idea on how to approach the industry, meet the right people, and learn more.” – Kendra’s mom Jennifer on their CMTC 2022 experience

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