CMTC Alumni

Nita-Josée Hanna


CMTC alumni Nita-Josée Hanna is from Saulnierville, Nova Scotia.

Nita has always had a passion for performing. She has been singing and dancing since the age of three. In 2018, Nita-Josée attended CMTC where she realized she also had a natural talent for acting. Since attending CMTC, Nita has recorded a CD and performed in a Broadway musical with the Broadway Star Project in New York City. She has also wrapped filming for three feature films.

Nita landed the lead role of Mimi in the film ‘Psycho Goreman’ – a horror film from Canadian cult filmmaker Steven Kostanski. She also plays the role of Sarah in the film ‘4teen’. Nita’s third film, ‘Books of Blood’ is currently in post-production. Nita acts alongside stars Britt Robertson, Anna Friel, and Rafi Gavron in the film.

Nita attended CMTC 2022 & CMTC 2024 as an Embody Kindness Ambassador.

After winning a few awards at CMTC 2 years ago, my career really started. I had no prior experience, no agent,  no portfolio, or anything before CMTC. [At CMTC] I received many callbacks and signed with an agent. In the first year after attending CMTC, I did a lot of Self-Tape auditions and landed my first role, the lead in a movie called Psycho Goreman. I also landed another role alongside Britt Robinson in Books of Blood. With the contacts I made at CMTC, I also got an acting coach, Caroline Liem, who also put me in contact with the Broadway Star Project in New York where I was able to record an album and perform a musical on Broadway in New York. Another great person I met at CMTC was John DeGrazio from Watersound Entertainment. He has been helping me out with my singing career and has been a great mentor. I also can’t forget Gerri Mcglone and Charlie Winfield, who have been the greatest help in this industry. They are always there for me and cheering me on, even my smallest accomplishments.” ~ Nita-Josée Hanna (Saulnierville, Nova Scotia)



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