CMTC Alumni

Taylor Efford


CMTC alumni Taylor Efford is an actor, model, and content creator. She is an advocate for skin positivity and is constantly promoting feeling beautiful in your own skin. Taylor has walked the CHEO runway, modelled for Toronto Raptors Apparel, Toronto Maple Leaf Apparel, Wuxly, Cheeky Bikini, Ardene, and more! Taylor was featured in the gothic, science fiction film ‘E8’. She also plays the role of Gracy Hanover in the film ‘Bloody Romeo’.

Taylor has partnered with brands like L’Oreal Paris, Neutrogena, CerVa, Essence Makeup, Glow Recipe, Bubble, Clear Start, and more! She also partnered with DexcomG6. My favourite accessory for any outfit I wear? My DexcomG6!  This device makes my life so much easier and can make my disease [type one diabetes] so much easier to manage.” Taylor has type 1 diabetes and is always sharing her story to help educate and empower her followers, 

CMTC Alumni Fun Fact: Taylor has over 500 thousand followers and over 18 million likes on her TikTok page.


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