TV Commercial



Competition rules:

  • The TV Commercial Competition is open to contestants of all ages.
  • This competition is set up to resemble an industry-standard audition situation.
  • Contestants will be performing live in front of a panel of reps who will also be acting as CMTC judges.
  • Contestants will present a published or original commercial script. Please note, CMTC does not provide a script for this competition.
  • Before presenting their commercial, contestants aged 18 years or older must slate their name and contestant number. Contestants under the age of 18 must also slate their age.
  • Each contestant will be granted 10 to 30 seconds to present their TV commercial. Points will be deducted for commercials that exceed 30 seconds in length. A CMTC representative will be present to time commercials and enforce this policy. At the discretion of the judges, commercials that do not adhere to the 30 second time limit will be cut off or disqualified.
  • No sitting down or laying down. Contestants must stand upright during their performance so they can be clearly seen by the judging panel.
  • Only carry-on props that are quick and easy to maneuver will be allowed.
  • No animals or extra participants will be permitted.
  • Competition performances that contain profanity or explicit adult material will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Judging is based on projection, articulation, wit, intelligence, and believability.
  • This competition is closed to audience attendance.


Wardrobe Requirements:

  • Costumes are not permitted.
  • Reps suggest that talent wear the most suitable wardrobe choice for auditions: a daytime-casual outfit.

Tips from the Judges:

Select or create an age-appropriate commercial about something you love or are passionate about!

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